Samples of Writing

I have written for a variety of clients and publications. Clients include antique dealers, real estate websites, interior designers, chefs, mortgage companies, hotels, architects, design schools, and more. Below are some writing samples of the work that I have created for clients or published independently:

Broadway World -AN ILIAD at The Weston Playhouse Brings Weston Alive with Emotional Storytelling

Broadway World – LAUGHING WILD is an Empathetic Ride at the Dorset Theater Festival

Broadway World – SUESSICAL Shows That Anything Is Possible at The Weston Playhouse

Broadway World – Review WAITRESS Brings A Lot of Heart to Burlington

Broadway World – FINDING NEVERLAND at The Flynn Center For Performing Arts Needed To Connect More

Homelight – I’m Buying a Brand-New Home: Will It Hold Its Value?

Homelight – A Magic Guide to Buying a House in Miami, the Magic City

Bellacor – How to Use Natural Materials In Your Home

Bellacor – Finding Nature: Using Greenery As A Neutral

Study.com – Color Theory and Interior Design

Study.com –  Interior Design and Color Schemes

Mother.ly – How Water Works to Relax Kids and Turn Their Moods Around

Quicken Loans – Choosing Kitchen Cabinetry: Drawers vs Doors

Quicken Loans – What To Consider: A Furniture Buying Guide

Metropolis Magazine – Lighting Up The Floor